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Plea Bargaining in DUI Cases

Once an individual is charged with DUI in Scottsdale, the case will be pursued by the Scottsdale Prosecutors Office in court. Because DUI is taken so seriously, the prosecution will not dismiss or reduce the charge to a non-DUI offense unless it absolutely has to. It is essential to retain the services of a qualified Scottsdale DUI attorney who knows the ropes when it comes to DUI law if you are serious about protecting your freedom and your driving privileges. A Scottsdale DUI lawyer who has the experience to identify critical factual and legal issues related to your case may be able to get evidence suppressed or otherwise gut the prosecution’s case and leave them no choice but to dismiss or reduce the charge.

Unfortunately, many DUI Lawyers avoid going to trial at all costs, even when it is not in the client’s best interests. Hiring an attorney who will plead your case out or who lacks the knowledge to develop and assert effective defense strategies at trial will provide the prosecution no incentive to reduce your charges.

You need a DUI attorney on your side that will take the fight to the prosecution and aggressively pursue all available defenses.

Scottsdale DUI Attorney Joshua S. Davidson is just such an attorney. With an extensive body of experience as both a defense lawyer and a successful former prosecutor, Mr. Davidson has the knowledge necessary to help you beat your charges and maintain your freedom, your peace of mind, and your right to continue driving.

Result Driven Representation

Scottsdale DUI Lawyer Joshua S. Davidson takes a proactive approach in his practice. By interviewing witnessing, reviewing records and filing court motions, Mr. Davidson will begin his efforts to whittle down the prosecution’s case beginning on day one. Moreover, Mr. Davidson has a passion for trial work and relishes the opportunity to put the police and the prosecution through their paces in court. The bottom line is that when you hire Scottsdale DUI Defense Attorney Joshua S. Davidson to handle your DUI case, he will make the prosecution fight for every inch.

Obtaining a dismissal or reduction of your charges is hard to come by. Having a Scottsdale DUI lawyer who will relentlessly pursue your case can help maximize your chances of avoiding a conviction for a DUI charge and the mandatory jail time that comes along with it.

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