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If you are charged with a DUI (driving under the influence) offense it is important that you take immediate action to protect your reputation and your rights. At the Law Offices of Joshua S. Davidson, an experienced DUI attorney will take the steps necessary in order to ensure that you have the best DUI defense available for your Scottsdale DUI case.

DUI, or Driving Under the Influence, is the criminal charge of operating a motor vehicle while impaired by drugs or alcohol (in other states this is sometimes called DWI or Driving While Intoxicated). In Arizona especially, a DUI conviction can carry harsh penalties ranging from fines to suspension of your driver's license to jail time.

Arizona has some of the nation’s harshest DUI laws on the books and Scottsdale is no exception. Depending on your B.A.C. or blood alcohol concentration, you could be facing a minimum of 45 days in jail for your first offense!

In addition to mandatory incarceration, a DUI conviction can carry with it other penalties including:

  • Drivers License Suspension
  • Significant Fines
  • Ignition Interlock Requirement
  • Probation
  • Increased Insurance Premiums

It's important to seek skilled representation. If you've been charged with DUI in the Scottsdale area please contact Joshua S. Davidson for a consultation.

Scottsdale police and prosecutors aggressively enforce the laws, even when the arrest is based on weak probable cause. The Scottsdale city prosecutor takes a very tough stance on DUI cases and rarely agrees to dismiss a DUI charge as part of a plea agreement. Because pleading guilty and going to jail is simply not an option for many charged with a DUI, you should have an experienced trial attorney fighting to protect your rights.

How do you get charged with DUI in Scottsdale, Arizona?

A DUI charge is based upon a person's ability to operate a vehicle and/or their blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

You could be charged and convicted for DUI for any of the following reasons:

  • If you are over 21 and your BAC is over the Arizona legal limit (0.08%), you could be convicted of DUI even if your driving did not appear to be impaired.
  • If your ability to drive is impaired and you have consumed any alcohol, no matter the amount, you could be convicted of DUI.
  • If you are under 21 and caught operating a motor vehicle with any amount of alcohol in your system, you could be convicted of DUI.

There are various types of DUI Charges in Arizona:

Scottsdale, Arizona DUI Penalties

Exact penalties for a DUI conviction can vary based upon the type of DUI charged and the defendant's previous criminal record. If you or someone you care about has been charged with DUI in the Scottsdale area it is critical that you contact a lawyer familiar with Arizona DUI laws, regardless of blood or breath test results. An experienced attorney like Joshua S. Davidson knows that there are numerous defenses against DUI charges that have nothing to do with your alleged BAC. For example, perhaps the police were lacking reasonable suspicion for pulling you over, or failed to follow proper procedure administering the blood or breath tests. Perhaps there were irregularities with the breathalyzer equipment, or maybe the machine used to test your blood wasn't properly maintained.

As a former DUI prosecutor, Joshua S. Davidson knows what to look for when building your defense against a DUI charge. Many DUI cases go to trial, so it's important that you have representation that is not only well versed in Arizona DUI law, but will also personally put that experience and knowledge to work for you.

If you or someone you know has been arrested or charged with DUI, contact DUI defense lawyer Joshua S. Davidson for a consultation today!

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