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As a former Arizona prosecutor and experienced Scottsdale criminal defense lawyer, Joshua S. Davidson has dealt with many "White Collar Crimes" cases. A white collar crime usually involves a non-violent act involving deception, manipulation, and concealment. Often these crimes are driven by monetary gain and committed by business people or public officials.

White collar crimes include:


Making a material misrepresentation or failing to disclose a material fact in order to convince another person to give up something of value.


Making or altering a document for the purpose of fraud of deceit.


The taking of someone's property by a person with whom it is entrusted.


When someone gives or takes a bribe.




Taking someone's property without paying for or returning it.


The extortion of money by force or pattern of criminal activity.

Price Fixing

When two parties agree to set the price for a product, violating free marketing operations.

Tax Evasion

Intentional avoidance of paying mandatory taxes to the government.

Money Laundering

Hiding the source and/or destination of illegally obtained funds.

Many white collar crimes can be prosecuted at the state or federal level and result in hefty fines, jail time, and possibly restitution to the victims of the alleged crime. In Arizona, white collar crime charges can be very complex, and if you or someone you care about is facing these charges it's crucial to consult with an experienced trial lawyer as soon as possible to ensure your rights are protected.

Most individuals are aware if they are under investigation for white collar crimes because it can take years for authorities to gather evidence before the charges are filed. Don't wait. Consult with a white collar crime defense attorney to protect your rights and make sure the authorities follow proper procedure.

If you think you are under investigation for a white collar crime act now and consult with a qualified Scottsdale white collar crime defense lawyer.

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