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As an experienced Scottsdale juvenile crimes attorney, Joshua S. Davidson has represented clients charged with a variety of misdemeanor and felony juvenile crimes. Juvenile crimes could be any crime committed by a minor (person under the age of 18). Examples of juvenile crimes include curfew violation, vandalism, drug possession, theft, robbery, and assault. Often these cases can be complicated and require special consideration by an experienced juvenile defense lawyer; otherwise a brief lapse in judgment or a simple misunderstanding can have dire consequences on convicted minors. With their future at stake, it's essential to find an aggressive and experienced lawyer who will make your child or loved one's defense a priority.

Juvenile Crime Penalties and Punishments in Scottsdale

Often juvenile cases are tried in a special judicial system called the juvenile court. However if the juvenile defendant is older in age it is possible the prosecution will try to have the minor charged as an adult. This is why it is especially crucial to seek representation from experienced Scottsdale juvenile defense lawyer like Joshua S. Davidson if you or someone you care for has been charged with a juvenile crime.

The Law Office of Joshua S Davidson understands that even though juvenile court tends to focus on rehabilitation versus punishment, a conviction of a juvenile crime can have immense consequences on a child, such as diminished employment opportunities and inferior education. These disadvantages could potentially affect the child's future well into adulthood, therefore it is imperative that every child has qualified and dedicated legal representation.

As a former Arizona prosecutor and well-known criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Davidson wants to help you. If you are the relative or guardian of a child being charged with a juvenile crime in Scottsdale, please contact Joshua S. Davidson for a free consultation today!

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