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An Expungement is the removal of one's prior criminal conviction from public review. In Scottsdale, Arizona, expungement law is referred to as "setting aside" judgment law, and is designed to help eligible people with criminal records become more productive and get more out of life after they have served their time. Joshua S. Davidson loves helping clients petition the court to put their past behind them.

Once your judgment has been set aside you can confidently apply for employment and state that you have not been convicted of a crime (however, in some instances you must also call to attention your setting aside order for felony convictions). If you have been convicted of a state or federal felony you can also apply to have your civil rights (such as voting) and firearms rights restored.

Expungement Eligibility in Scottsdale

In Scottsdale, eligibility for setting aside judgment (Expungement) requires that you have fulfilled the conditions of your sentence and probation, paid all court ordered fines, and that you have been discharged by court. If you have two or more felony convictions and you have been sentenced to prison, there is a mandatory two year waiting period before you may apply for setting aside judgment (expungement).

There are, however, certain convictions in Arizona that may make you ineligible for set aside judgment (Expungement) at any time. They are:

  • A crime involving the infliction of serious physical injury
  • A crime involving the use or exhibition or a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument
  • A sex crime that requires you to register as a sex offender
  • A crime where there was a finding of sexual motivation
  • A crime in which the victim was a minor under 15 years of age
  • A driving or moving violation while the defendant's license was suspended or revoked

If you feel that you are eligible for set aside judgment (Expungement) it's important to have a qualified expungement attorney like Joshua S. Davidson on your side. This can be a delicate process, and an experienced Scottsdale criminal defense lawyer can consult with you and knowledgeably present your petition in court.

Don't risk losing your fresh start because you aren't represented by an experienced Scottsdale expungement lawyer, contact Joshua S. Davidson today!

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