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Threatening and Intimidating

Domestic Violence Threats Lawyer in Scottsdale, Arizona

The crime of threatening and intimidating is defined by Arizona Revised Statute 13-1202. Under the statute, the crime can be committed three different ways. In the context of domestic violence offenses, the crime is charged almost exclusively under the first definition: A person commits threatening or intimidating if the person threatens or intimidates by word or conduct to cause physical injury to another person or serious damage to the property of another.

The remaining sections of the statue deal with things akin to bomb threats and promoting criminal street gangs. If a person is convicted of threatening or intimidating by makings statement or engaging in conduct to designed to place them in fear of being injured or having their property damages, the offense will be charged as a class one misdemeanor. The maximum penalty for a class one misdemeanor is six months in the county jail - hardly a slap on the wrist given the current conditions at Sherriff Joe's jail!

If you are being investigated for threatening or intimidating, you need to be aware that the crime can also be charged as a felony if the threats are made in retaliation for reporting a crime to the police or for being a member of an "anti-crime" organization. Although a felony charge carries with it an even greater possible punishment, you should consult with an experienced Scottsdale Domestic Violence Threatening and Intimidating attorney regardless of what level offense you are being charged with.

Scottsdale Domestic Violence Intimidation Lawyer

Absent independent evidence such as a voicemail recording or a disinterested witness, many threats cases boil down to the word of the alleged victim. It is not uncommon for the police and the prosecutor to charge someone with this serious offense based only of the victim's uncorroborated claims. A seasoned Scottsdale Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer understands how many times such allegations are false or exaggerated and the product of anger and vindictiveness on behalf of the alleged victim.

One of the biggest obstacles in defending any domestic violence case however is the unwillingness of the prosecutor to consider the recantation of a victim who initially filed a false report. Because so many domestic violence victims recant even if the offense was actually committed, the prosecution attorneys generally give little if any weight to victim recantations, regardless of how exaggerated or false the allegations were.

Relationships can be stressful and we all sometimes say things in the heat of the moment that we soon regret. Joshua S. Davidson is a Scottsdale Domestic Violence Attorney who understands this and the frustration you feel when the police and the prosecutor don't. Regardless of whether you are being falsely accused, over-prosecuted, or guilty as charged, you should have a trusted Scottsdale Lawyer at your side.

The prosecution will have aggressive knowledgeable attorneys work for them. Even the playing field and call Joshua S. Davidson today for your free initial consultation.

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