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undefinedOnce you have been served with either an order of protection or an injunction against harassment, only the judge that issued the order can cancel or modify it, regardless of what the person who obtained the order does or says. In other words, if you are served with an order of protection from your ex-girlfriend, spouse, or child's mother, she cannot later tell you ignore the order and have contact with her.

By falling into this trap, many individuals end up arrested and charged with the crime of interfering with judical proceedings, a class one misdemeanor. A restraining order is a court order that must be honored, even it the person who obtained the order later changes his or her mind. Many unscrupulous "victims" will initiate and maintain contact with you after obtaining an injunction against harassment, only to later call the police and have you arrested for violating it if they become upset or angry with you.

Unfortunately, the prosecutor's office is sometimes all too willing to pursue these types of cases and allow these alleged victims to use their restraining orders as swords instead of shields. Scottsdale Restraining Order Violation Lawyer will aggressively defend your rights and take the fight to the prosecution in your interfering with judicial proceedings case.

Scottsdale Domestic Violence Violation of Restraining Order Attorney

If you have been served with an order of protection or if you have been charged with interfering with judicial proceedings in Scottsdale, don’t make the mistake of hiring an unproven and inexperienced attorney. With serious, life altering consequences facing you, you need a seasoned Scottsdale domestic violence defense attorney at your side. Joshua S. Davidson understands the legal system and is committed to putting his experience to work for his clients.

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