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Need defense in a domestic violence harassment case?

You are in the middle of a rough divorce and just want to know what your spouse is up to, so you follow them around. You have a simple conversation about a settlement that escalates into a full-blown argument. Or you haven't seen your child in weeks due to a custody dispute, so you stop by their school.

Before you know it, the police been called and you have been arrested. You have not caused any physical damage, yet you are now being charged with harassment. Violations of Arizona law regarding harassment can result in restraining orders, fines and even imprisonment.

Just being charged with harassment can show up on your records - before you ever go to court. Your future depends on getting an experienced and knowledgeable Scottsdale domestic violence lawyer from the moment you are accused.

Knowledgeable Defense for Domestic Violence Harassing

Joshua S. Davidson will step in and protect your interests. As a former Arizona prosecutor, he understands the extensive laws regarding harassment (Arizona Revised Statue 13-2921).

Providing aggressive legal representation right away, he may be able to avoid your being charged with harassment, in the following areas (but not limited to these):

  • Following another person after being asked to desist
  • Making false reports about someone to social services, credit services or law enforcement
  • Contacting a person by written, verbal, electronic means in a manner that harasses
  • Interfering with the delivery of public or regulated utility to a person
  • Alarming conduct directed at a specific person that causes the person to feel harassed

If you are charged, you will get the personal attention your case needs. Often vindictive false reports are at the bottom of harassment charges, especially in divorce and custody cases. Any such false reports will be found out and made known. Attorney Davidson knows how the prosecution thinks-he will ensure your own statements and actions are not misrepresented, and will actively pursue the best possible defense for you.

Contact a Scottsdale Domestic Violence Harassing Attorney as rapidly as possible for an effective and aggressive defense for charges of harassment.

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