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Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly Conduct Defense Lawyer in Scottsdale

Disorderly conduct is usually charged as a misdemeanor although it can be charged as a felony if it involves the reckless handling of a gun or other deadly weapon / dangerous instrument. Misdemeanor disorderly conduct can be charged as a domestic violence offense in Scottsdale several different ways.

The law defining disorderly conduct is Arizona Revised Statute 13-2904 which provides no fewer than five definitions of misdemeanor disorderly conduct. The statute refers to things like making "unreasonable noise" or engaging in "seriously disruptive" behavior. Obviously, these broad definitions permit the police to insert their own judgment and gives them the legal authority to arrest you for being disruptive - even in your own house. As an experienced former domestic violence prosecutor, Scottsdale Attorney Joshua S. Davidson has seen the police abuse the disorderly conduct laws all too often to justify an arrest in the absence of any crime.

If you are involved in a heated discussion, or even argument with your spouse, child, parent, significant other or partner and the police are called for whatever reason, you could be charged and arrested for disorderly conduct if the police claim that you were "too loud" or otherwise violated the disorderly conduct statute. If you have been charged with a domestic violence disorderly conduct offense, Scottsdale Disorderly Conduct Lawyer Joshua S. Davidson understands the frustration and anxiety you are feeling. He is an aggressive, effective attorney who will put his knowledge to work for you and fight for the best possible outcome in your case.

Scottsdale Domestic Violence Disorderly Conduct Lawyer

The stakes are even higher if you have been charged in Scottsdale with felony disorderly conduct. A person can be charged with domestic violence felony disorderly conduct if they commit disorderly conduct by recklessly handling, displaying or discharging a gun or other deadly weapon / dangerous instrument. In addition to being charged as a felony, this offense is also treated many times as a dangerous offense. Under Arizona law, a person convicted of any dangerous offense must serve a prison sentence and is not eligible for probation.

When combined with the increasingly absurd plea offer policies of the prosecutor's office, these mandatory sentences could send you to prison even on a first offense. Joshua Davidson is a seasoned Scottsdale trial attorney who knows how to maximize your chances for a dismissal or not guilty verdict and will vigorously fight to defend your rights. Domestic violence disorderly conduct charges in Scottsdale are serious and should be treated as such. Call Scottsdale Disorderly Conduct Attorney Joshua S. Davidson today for your free initial consultation.

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